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In search of a full end-to-end IoT Security solution that just works?
In collaboration, Safe4 Security Group and Develco Products have made it easy for you to choose.
In our winning recipe, Develco Products contribute with white-label products and Safe4 Security Group provides the IoT and device management platform.
Try out our premium smart home security solution, bringing advanced technology and end-user experience closer together!

One White-Label solution covers all needs

This Develco Products/Safe4 cooperation offers freedom to choose amongst independent wireless devices supporting Security and Safety.
The All-in-One security solution supports products on open standards.
Our recurring revenue concept and consumer-friendly interface enables a long-term relationship with your customers. You take part in their life cycle by offering additional devices as their need for smart solutions and in-home delivery develops.

Vast benefits in building
your solution on a secure and mature platform

Your benefits

– A complete end-to-end white label IoT platform with end-user focus
– Fast and cost-effective access to new markets
– A mature, secure, and scalable solution for your customers
– Transformation from static to recurring revenue
– Opportunity for close customer relationship and increased customer loyalty
– Extensive portfolio of sensors and smart devices in a complete IoT ecosystem
– Extended security through certified Alarm Receiving Centre
– Remote over-the-air firmware updates
– Ability to deliver large volumes at high speed and low cost

Benefits for your end-users

– Fully Do-it yourself smart home solution
– Safe and secure home environment
– Connect unlimited number of smart devices
– No extra subscription cost adding new devices
– Full Home Control by use of one single app
– Control over Energy Consumption
– In-home healthcare solutions and services
– In-home delivery services

We bring advanced technology
and user experience closer together.

White label products for the
security and alarm industry

Proven technology –
live contracts

Offers recurring revenue
driven services

Total ownership of
our technology

Digitized, scalable
and global reach

Monitoring services
for sertified alarm centre

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Seeing is believing. Try out our premium IoT solution

Safe4/Develco Products?

Smart White-Label

Devices from Develco Products are designed to be easily integrated into security and alarm solutions


Our technology is based on state-of-the-art solutions. In cooperation with leading partners, we have designed and developed a truly scalable platform with global reach.


A sustainable model is about recurring income. Our technology is based on providing services, and it evolves in line with new providers added to our IoT ecosystem.


We offer a 100% do-it-yourself smart home and home alarm-solution. Proven already through sales in major retail channels. A crucial prerequisite for delivery of large volumes.


By choosing Iotiliti, you have the opportunity to customize your applications and brand the App’s with your company logo.

Certified ARC

Safe4 owns its own certified Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This gives the company enormous competitive advantages in operating and developing subscription services.

Security in our DNA

We take the safety of families very seriously and have decades of experience to prove it. Our products and solutions contribute to families being safe. We monitor incidents in homes and safeguard families against fire and burglary

In-home Delivery

With a digital door-lock integrated to our home alarm system, homeowners can grant access to service personnel without being at home. The access can be programmed as time limited, one-time code or scheduled as a weekly event.

We lead the way with our disruptive, smart and innovative IoT platform for security and Smart Living. Our innovative White Label products have modern design and  state-of the art technology.


Kleven Moen

Sales Manager
Safe4 Security Group
+47 90 56 71 37


Claus K.

Senior Key Account Manager
Develco Products
+45 25 26 00 80

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Seeing is believing. Try out our premium IoT solution